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Easiest Kids’ Halloween Party Ever!

halloween birthday party kids easiest

My daughter’s birthday is Nov. 5th so she’s had a couple Halloween-themed parties during her short 10 years.  Lucky for me, I’m The World’s Biggest Procrastinator, so I normally run out to the stores on Nov. 1st to grab any Halloween decorations that are on clearance!  But even if you want to use this for a party before Halloween, it will still be the easiest party ever even if you spend a little more!  And not one thing in here is specific to a birthday, so it can be straight-up Halloween for your kids!

This past year was even more last-minute than ever for me! On top of that, I went into the store with no game plan!  I left work the day of the party, ran to the grocery store and K-mart, came home with bags of random items and threw this together in just a little over an hour before the kids showed up!

halloween birthday party dessert table wm

The spiderweb “tablecloth” is actually a doorway “curtain” I found for $1!  I just put one of my white tablecloths underneath and laid this on top.

I had the skull bowl already and filled it with cheese puffs since they’re orange.  The cardboard coffin was on clearance and I filled it with candy corn and pumpkins.

I remembered seeing pictures of similar donuts somewhere so I grabbed a box of glazed donuts and some glow in the dark fangs to pop in the middle. Then we just used chocolate chips for the eyes.  Easy, cheap and it takes up a lot of table space.  Plus, the girls all kept the fangs as favors!

halloween birthday party donuts vampire fangs wm

Then I just bought chocolate pudding cups, sprinkled some crushed Oreos on top and added a ghost Peeps and some candy corn.  The girls LOVED these!

halloween birthday party pudding ghost graveyard snacks wm

I had made these cupcakes earlier in the day since this was when I still owned the bakery.  If you have to make your own, obviously this will add some time onto your party prep, but they are soooo easy and you could always just buy plain cupcakes from the grocery store if you wanted to!  I piped on some black icing for the eyes and mouth, but you could also just use chocolate chips again to make it even easier!

halloween birthday party ghost cupcakes wm

I found these skeleton goblets marked down to 10 cents a piece!!  A dime each!  I filled them with some fruit punch (for blood) and, again, these were favors then for the girls too!  Try to find as many things that are multi-purpose as you can!

halloween birthday party skeleton glasses wm

I had another $1 spider web netting that we hung over the doorway leading into the sunroom.

halloween birthday party door curtain

Then I picked up 10 cent favor bags and pulled some of my decorations from the living room.  In the favor bags, I had flashlights for the girls for when we played flashlight tag once it started getting dark.  We also played Poison during the party  (a game from my youth where you win candy!), so that candy went into their bags as their favors too. Plus the glow in the dark fangs and the skeleton goblet and we were good!

halloween birthday party favor bags wm

We had orange lights draped everywhere that looked much cooler in the dark than they do in this picture!

halloween birthday party decorations

My favorite part, though, was the invitations! They still crack me up every time I look at them!  She looks so Children of the Corn!

emma halloween scary invitation 1

And that was our party!  Honestly, the EASIEST PARTY EVER!!

If you have a little more time, you can whip up these popular Frankenstein Pudding Cups:

frankenstein pudding cups halloween dessert school snack

Or this Halloween 7-layer Dip that I am craaaving right now:

halloween dip appetizer snack recipe


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