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Turkey Cake Pops for Thanksgiving

turkey cake pops thanksgiving

There are a few things in life where there is a very clear divide.  You either fall on one side or another, and there is rarely a middle ground being walked.

One of those issues, that I’ve seen people get extremely passionate about is candy corn.

Yes, those tiny little colored pieces of candy, can cause all sorts of opinions to fly around. The people who love candy corn… looooove candy corn! Have you heard them talk?? They’re addicted to the stuff! Craziness!


I am VERY firmly on the “it’s not worth the calories and almost makes me want to barf” side.  I totally do not get the appeal of candy corn at all. Not in any way.

So for me, that means I try to find all kinds of ways to use it in decoration. I’ll fill little votives with it and place a candle in the middle. I’ll let the kids use them for decorating cookies (and, yes, they often try to sneak some).  And I’ll also use some in our turkey cake pops!  They really are a pretty, versatile little candy… I just don’t want to eat any!

turkey cake pop placecards thanksgiving


Cake pops

Candy Melts: chocolate, white, yellow and red


Lollipop Sticks

Wax paper



To make these cuties, use your basic cake pop recipe and dip in melted chocolate that’s thinned with a little bit of shortening.

After you dip them, place on a wax paper lined sheet. Immediately press the pointy ends of 3 candy corn into the cake pop. You have to do this right after you dip them, because the chocolate coating starts hardening very quickly and once it does, you won’t be able to press the candy corn in without cracking it.

Once your candy corn are pressed in, you can let it set for about 30 minutes.  Then melt a small amount of white chocolate for the face. I piped my faces on using a sandwich bag with the tip cut off.  Melt the chocolate again until smooth and use a tooth pick to dab 2 eyes on.  Melt the the red and yellow candy melts and dab those on using a toothpick as well.

Once they are completely set (you can pop them in the fridge to speed this up), you can place them in bags with a ribbon around them or use them as placecards and put them right on your plates! I guarantee you’ll get some smiles from the kids at your Thanksgiving celebration!

Turkey Cake pops for Thanksgiving
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