The Road to Demolition…

Don’t know if it’s an option to throw out apologies for not keeping up with this when I haven’t posted anything in over a year and a half!! Ugh, and I really thought I could keep up with it!

I’ve had a bit of free time lately, though, and started reading some other blogs and getting that project itch again (this is when my hubby starts to avoid me as much as possible!). So, I thought, what the heck… you’re reading other blogs, why not pop over take a quick look at yours and just delete the old thing. But a funny thing happened on the way to demolition… I realized that my few short entries were actually a journal of sorts. Holy moly, is that what people have been telling me about this blogging all along and I just wasn’t buying it?? It’s one of those things that’s hard to see when you’re in the moment, but when you’re able to look back on 2 years ago (which is quite easy for me since I’m the world’s worst blogger!), it’s quite touching.

So I think I might give this another go. No promises about how frequent the updates will be, but I’ll give it a turtle effort.

And since I’m feeling all nostalgic and whatnot… sniff, sniff… tomorrow is my 9 year mommyversary. Uh, does that word work?? Yeppers, tomorrow is my oldest kiddo’s 9th birthday and I have officially been a mommy for close to a decade! How can that possibly be true? This year’s hitting me hard. His last year in the single digits?! I can’t even talk about it anymore, so I’ll leave you on a happier note. His birthday treat

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