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Alright, kiddos.  I’m trying to get all current and junk.

I started a Facebook page for A Turtle’s Life for Me.  I have no idea what I’m doing and I currently have zero likes.  Its also only been about 5 seconds since I started it, but still.

Mostly I just wanted to be able to post on other blogs’ Facebook pages under this name and not under my full personal name.

I also had a bunch of family and neighbors telling me they didn’t know how to subscribe for updates here since they weren’t bloggers and didn’t have google accounts.  So, this, they can figure out. Hopefully.

So hop on over and click Like.  Pretty please!!



Hi, I'm Natalie and I like to move slowly (like a turtle, if you will)! I daydream about minivans, painting walls and eating fudge with a spoon. Welcome to my little computer home where I share my family's adventures as we live life from the slow lane!

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  1. I Like ya!

  2. Good idea! I liked you too.

  3. Natalie…you want to burn a feed….google feedburner and you will be able to add an email subscription box to your site….it will give you the html code for it and you just add as a gadget. Under feedburner, you want to enable the counter so that you can see how many readers you had. I have mine counting at the very bottom of my page. It’s about double my public followers. Let me know if you want help! :)

  4. All current and junk…lol! :-)

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