I’m Pooped

I feel like I haven’t had a chance to pop on here forever and check in with you guys!  I’ve been so busy (mostly in the kitchen) lately and my allergies are still kicking my behind.  Ugh, go away!!

Here’s about 1/4 of what I worked on today.

I held a virtual bake sale over the last couple weeks for a fundraising walk my family’s doing on April 30th.  I talked about it a little over on my Win, Lose or Blog blog (funny to post blog twice!).

I’m so thankful for my friends and the faculty at my kids’ school!  They were so generous and gracious so tomorrow I get to take all these treats into them!!

I truly L.O.V.E. doing things like this for others, but today was just busy, busy!!  I still had to work, come home and make all this (and honestly, there was 2 more tables and a counter filled with treats in addition to what you’re seeing here!!), take my daughter to piano, and then went to a 2 hour meeting tonight! Tired little girly over here.

But look at these cinnamon rolls…

I use the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for her yeast rolls and then just add my own glaze- regular powdered sugar, almond or peanut butter.

Take a look at the sugary-cinnamony goodness before the icing is added.

So hopefully I’ll be back soon, because I really have been working on some crafty stuff in between all this too!  But for now it’s time to head to bed. My little helper is waiting for me…



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  1. YUM! i just made a huge batch of the PW’s cinnamon rolls a few days ago too ~ this time i tried the orange version w/ orange marmalade and a little OJ in the icing….sooooo good!

  2. How yummy and for a great cause. Awesome! :)

  3. I am loving this!! You have been so busy!! This is the 3rd time I have seen these cinnamon rolls from PX…I suppose that is fates way of telling me I better cook up a batch myself!! :)

    Glad you entered the GIVEAWAY!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  4. I think I gained 20 pounds by just looking at this post! haha! Yummmmie!

  5. This is ridiculous! If this is only part of the goodies- you are a baking maniac!! YUMMY!! (ps- I got the paint cans free because I work for a paint contractor!)

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