S’Mores Milkshakes

Since today was my little girl’s anniversary, I told her we could make milkshakes for dessert.  Not one to ever make things easy, she asked if we could make s’mores too, to dip in the milkshakes, of course.  Always on the lookout for ways to make things easier, I figured why not combine the two??  Sounded good enough to me… and in the end, it tasted good enough too!  Fabulous! 

Side note: one of my dreams has always been to write a cookbook.  I’d loooooove to be a cookbook author.  But here’s the problem, I very rarely measure anything. I’m a dump and pour kind of girl and writing it down is just too tedious.  Gotta work on that.

In my hand mixer “cup” I put a bunch of vanilla frozen yogurt, probably about 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs, maybe 1/4 cup or less of Hershey’s light chocolate syrup, some milk and about 5 large marshmallows that I had broiled in our toaster oven.
Once it was all mixed up and poured in the glasses, I topped it with some more graham crackers crumbs and 2 more marshmallows.
And, yes, if I would have filled this cup I would have been an awesome blogger who got a great picture.  I’m trying to practice a little portion control here instead, so this is the picture you’re getting!

We all agreed they were great and really tasted like s’mores! We’ll be having these again!

Great way to end the day… the day that did not go as planned.  Ugh.  I had so many lists and things that I wanted to get done today and then my body decided not to sleep last night.  I think I did end up getting a couple hours sleep, but not all at once and not very restful. So I felt kind of foggy and head-achy most of the day and it was not the productive day I was hoping for.

I did get a pan of zucchini brownies made…

A pan of Knock You Naked brownies for my family…

(and tomorrow when everything has cooled off and the sun is all pretty, I’ll cut some and take some neat pics for you guys with the recipes!)
I made a couple dozen zucchini muffins but these do not look AT ALL like the picture on the other site.  I haven’t tasted them yet, so we’ll see if this is a keeper or not.  Her muffins were HUGE and I knew my kids would never eat the whole thing and we’d just pitch the rest, so I made mine smaller on purpose, but still not looking right here..

and just a little tip in case your batter makes an odd number of muffins and you’re left with empty spaces in your muffin pan… don’t forget to put just a little bit of water in those empty spaces… it will help your muffins cook more evenly!

I’m also on a kick the last 2 days to use up a bunch of stuff we have in the house (hence all the zucchini recipes), so I grated the rest of all the zucchinis and froze them in 2 cup increments.

I cooked some corn on the cob we had, cut it off and froze that.

Froze some marinara sauce and some leftover meat/rice mixture we had from stuffed green peppers last night.  (and yes, I will re-wash and re-use ALL these baggies!!).  Here’s a sample of what I froze today…

Picked more cucumbers from our garden…

And for dinner I made ribs (I found 3 lbs. for $2.24!)

Zucchini cakes that I may or may not have burned… (I could have cropped the picture, people, but I’m keeping it real for ya!)

and some smashed red potatoes that I was trying to use up quick!

We did manage to get to the library and got some really cool books for the kids on D.C. and Williamsburg to get ready for our upcoming trip!  My big success of the day was managing to return something to a store without buying anything else!! Air five, for me!!   We stopped at the ortho, ran to the grocery store, cut the grass, 2 loads of laundry, paid the bills, got 6 phone calls made and somehow got the whole family to the pool for a little bit this evening!

Soooo much to do tomorrow, though…. wish I could say it makes me sleepy just thinking about it, but I’m wide awake again. : (

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  1. Can I say SUPER MOM!

  2. Yes, supermom! I’ve never thought of a s’mores milkshake! What a cool idea :)

  3. @Goings on at the Glenn’sThanks for making me blush, but I’m far from Supermom! It sounds like a lot in list form, but most of that stuff takes 5 minutes to do which leaves me with about 10 hours in my day that I lounged around and loafed!

  4. Gail Thomson says:

    Congratulations to Miss Emmaloo. 4 years! Wow it seems like yesterday. I remember how excited you were when they told you.

  5. Now I’m regretting not planting zucchini this year – your brownies look so delicious! And thos cucumbers! I’m jealous of your cucumbers!

  6. holy crap! that smores milkshake is the greatest thing i’ve seen on the blogosphere in a long time! just pinned it 😀

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