Spin Master

Let’s play a game and see how positive we can be, shall we?

On Tuesday night I was stuck inside with the rain and feeling full of energy so I decided to tackle the basement storage room that’s been teasing me for about a year.  We moved bookshelves, rearranged things and got pretty far.  But not done, so I went to bed with piles of photo albums, memory boxes, books, college papers and other things all over the floor.

The next morning, I walked downstairs to this

This was the beginning of it. The camera didn’t stick around to see the rest.

So I saw this and panicked. Quick called my husband and asked him to get home and ran out to the sunroom to get pictures of the backyard.  Our dog was panicking (not a fan of storms) and jumped up and closed the sunroom door. I promptly was locked in the sunroom in a torrential downpour.  I thought I might cry, but instead slipped on a pair of my 7 year-olds flip flops and went running down the street to the neighbor who has my spare key. I was a hot mess.

But I did get my pictures of the backyard.  This was before it got really bad.

I won’t bore you with the details because I’m too tired to type them, but yesterday we hauled buckets and sucked up water for 10 hours.   I’ve been ripping out exercise routines and arm workouts from magazines trying to motivate myself to get back into. Apparently all I had to do was hope for a flash flood.  My arms are shaky and noodle like and my butt feels like I did 254 squats.  Killer workout routine.

While that was happening in the basement, this started spreading across the living room and loft ceiling.

The insurance adjustor already came out and all of the ceiling leakage and roof repairs will be covered. Along with repainting the whole living room ceiling. Thank goodness, because me and an 18′ ladder do not mix too well. Like oil and water, I tell ya.

The restoration company came out today and graced us with this lovely tarp. I’ve seriously been trying to find ways to add blue to the outside of our home. I was hoping for more of a turquoise shade, but I got my pop of blue finally!

This morning we woke up and started ripping out carpet and padding. 900 sq. ft. of carpeting. Well first we started moving furniture and then we did that, but either way… GUYS, I have officially exercised 2 days in a row now!! Yes, I am fully counting this as a workout!  2 days in a row! Go me!!

My dining room is a mess

My bedroom isn’t much better

I’m drying out pictures everywhere I can

And I can’t even look at my sunroom without hyperventilating.

But at least my basement is clutter free!  This basement has always been a thorn in my side because it just seems to attract clutter! Not today folks! I have finally conquered the clutter magnet! Why, it’s practically empty, in fact!

Poor hubby taking a rest.  This guy has been working his butt off and I feel so bad for him.

My craft area that was beginning to look so organized. : (

The bar where we were supposed to be hosting a big game next Saturday. He was so looking forward to it. Not a huge deal, though, since I hadn’t actually invited anyone yet. shhhh!!

Since this picture, all my craft cabinets had to be emptied and the cabinets were taken out of here.

I’ve been working my butt off trying to get a stockpile of items so I could start an Etsy store.  Not a total loss, but they took a hard hit.  I’ve been debating what direction I wanted to go in with this, so I guess I get some more time to think it through! I better think fast, though, since nothing in the basement was covered! Yikes!

Oh yeah, and our van flooded too. It was in a small accident a couple years ago and the sliding door was fixed but apparently not correctly. Since then, certain rains will leave a little puddle in the door pocket. Yesterday an entire river came gushing out when we opened the door.  But seriously, I’ve been wanting a new car for for-evah!! I’m thinking shimmery blue this time.

And you know how I’m really, really thrifty??  Well, I already had bought nearly all the Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews and lots of birthdays in between.  Almost all of them are totally soaked and falling out of the boxes.

But you know what’s always amazing at times like this?

I’d say Family too but I don’t have a sign for you guys so just use your imaginations.

It’s pretty stinkin’ cool how people step up and are able to actually demonstrate how much they care for you and your family.

We immediately had neighbors helping get the water out. For hours.

We had dinner brought last night. We had neighbors give us a hot lunch today. Dehumidifiers and fans dropped off. Friends coming over after work.  It’s beyond touching and there are just no words.

And the thing is, we really didn’t have it that bad off.  The towns around us are a disaster.  I can’t even wrap my head around some of the pictures I’m seeing.  I have friends who have water the entire way up their basement steps.  Friends with furniture floating by. 

There are SO many pictures out there that are blowing my mind right now. I’m obsessed with staring at all these pictures. But check out Nikki’s from Thrifty Decorating.  She lives about 5 minutes away from me. Don’t know if you can all view these pictures, but here’s some more from our area’s local TV station. And if you’re really interested, here’s a video with pictures of our area.

Things here are pretty good. We’ve had some laughs and lots of hugs.

I’ve been having some anxiety over finding a job and was finally supposed to have an interview today of all days!  No worries, we did a phone interview in the middle of this mess and I didn’t even have to get a shower or pick out an outfit! Score!

And last night in the midst of all of this, I decided to bake something. I needed out of that basement, I had a craving (hint, hint… those monthly cravings that happened to hit yesterday! mmmhmm), and I knew what I wanted. It was delicious, took all of 4 minutes to whip up and I’ll share it with you in a post soon!

And you know all that stuff I have stored in the sunroom right now!  It might be getting a little action tonight if this keeps up!

Life is good, though. A little damp, but good.  Shouldn’t there be some kind of saying, “If your ceiling is leaking, at least you have a ceiling”?

Did I ever tell you my degree is in Public Relations?  Spin Master



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  1. Oh no!! We’ve had a TON of rain here too, but I’ve seen the news reports showing so much more in your area. I hope you get everything dried out soon and there’s no lasting damage to the things that are most important to you.

  2. WOW…. way to spin that disaster into a win (of sorts). That takes talent. ^_^
    I really hope everything gets sorted and rearranged to your satisfaction.

  3. aw Nat, like I said before…hang in there! =( This looks like our roof and basement too =/ Wunkie said something that blew my mind. It reminded me how amazing children are, and how without even knowing, then can be completely right! As Gabe took all of her toys out of her flooded playroom, and packed it all to be thrown away, she looked out the window and said “Why is Daddy throwing my stuff away?” I said “honey it got ruined from the storm”. She looked at her puppy, hugged him and said, “well at least Duke is ok, at least we’re ok!” and acted like it was no big deal that all of her toys were being hauled away! It’s true. Our stuff is ruined but we have life. Praise God that we have life! :) ::hugs::

  4. Feeling your pain, we’ve had a bit of indoor flooding this winter at its not fun. And that mouldy stinky wet smell, ewwww.

  5. HOLY COW, Nat! Wow, you have been busy! Thank heavens for insurance! You are amazing for staying so positive…I would be a total wreck. And that picture of your new swimming pool with a playground in it is INSANE!!! I hope the rains stop so you can have a break! Hang in there! ((HUGS))

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your flooding! Our basement has flooded 2 years in a row due to heavy rains, and it certainly isn’t fun. Although, i AM quite organized downstairs now!! Hang in there…

  7. I’m in the Lancaster area, and we have been badly hit too. My step-daughter started school Wednesday and has had off yesterday and today because they have no way to get the kids to the school.
    Luckily, I don’t live near the water, and we don’t have a basement to worry about flooding. Good luck with your basement!

  8. ohhhh natalie….so sorry for you :( what can i do?? please let me know if there is something, seriously! we didn’t have any damage, but we can’t use our water at all right now because i guess all the dirt went into our well or something. it’s pretty gross to turn on a faucet and see dirt come out :)

  9. Oh Natalie. I so appreciate your sense of humor girl. I know it is what will get me through. Just got word from a neighbor that he has 3 ft of water in his basement which doesn’t bode well for us. Strength and grace girl.

  10. I am SO with you sister! Hyperventilation everytime I look around at the piles of stuff….we realized today that water had seeped all under our carpets….just didn’t realize because the pad had absorbed it all, so now we are 36 hours behind everyone else and not an industrial fan to be found….Loved your post though…found myself laughing and I needed that! :) Thanks also for the shout out!

  11. oh, man, so sorry. Right now we’d love some rain, in the middle of a draught and massive wildfires. Too much water, and too little water, both stink!
    Good luck with the clean up.

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