Valentine’s Biscuits

These are as easy or hard as you want to make them!  My mom, superwoman that she is, would always make homemade biscuits and cut them out with a heart cookie cutter.  And, yes, Valentine’s dinner would include these, red punch, homemade truffles in a heart-shaped box that she’d cut herself out of cardboard and  a variety of other things that were all either heart-shaped or red.

Seriously, you big-time bloggers should be happy there was no such thing as blogging when I was growing up because she would have taken the blogging world by storm!

Anyways, I just do it the easy way.  Biscuits out of a can that I use my kitchen scissors to make a couple snips until they’re heart-shaped and then bake as directed.

My daughter is always in charge of making the rice krispie treats and decorating them.  Her favorite part!

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  1. I love the heart shaped biscuits:)

  2. We don’t have biscuits in a can here in Australia but I have a few good recipes I could whip up quickly. It’s a great excuse to go heart crazy!

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