Valentine Cupcakes with an Edible Topper

These are so ridiculously easy, but pretty stinkin’ cute at the same time.

My favorite combination!

I started with a $1 bag of gummy hearts and pretzel rods.  Just push the pretzel
into the bottom of the heart and then set them aside for later.

Bake, frost and sprinkle your cupcakes!  I used a 1M tip for the frosting- it’s my go-to tip for cupcakes! At this point you could just leave them as is, if you wanted!

But I took the pretzel rod and pushed it down through the center of the
frosting until the heart looked like it was balancing right on top!

Boxed them up and they’re ready to go!  I made some for my daughter’s class,
2 6-packs for her principal and secretary and there’s an extra dozen or so that
I’ll set in the faculty room, just to get them out of my house.  I’m generous like that.




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  1. I love the little heart perched on top! I wish I could send cute cupcakes to school with my kids…but they only allow packaged, store-purchased items here. Phooey!

  2. @Robin @ Bird On A Cake

    Oh my goodness, really? That’s so sad.

  3. Natalie, you’ve inspired me to make cupcakes this afternoon. I’m sure they won’t look anything like yours but I’m also sure my kids won’t care haha.

  4. Love the idea! So cute! Great job on the cupcakes! Yummy!

  5. You must be a rather popular mum at your school!

    I can’t wait until I have kids. For so many reasons but one is the whole new realm of people I can give food to!

  6. What a great idea! I love the look of those.

  7. Looks yum! I’m new to following your site and looking forward to new ideas!!

  8. Love how you used a Pretzel Rod as the Stick! SMART CUPCAKE right there! Those look scrumptious!

  9. Oh my gosh! Those are sooo stinkin cute! The pretzel trick is pure genius! I’ll have to log that away for next year :)

  10. They look great, LOVE the pretzel idea :)

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