Valentine’s Wrap-Up!

Remember how I asked all of you on Facebook to help me come up with
some super simple crafts that both boys and girls would like for Valentines Day?
Well, one of you sent me the link to these hysterical pipe cleaner goggles from Make and Take!
I was sold and had all the supplies on hand, so we were good to go even if I was making my sample pair 5 minutes before the bus came on the morning that I needed them!  Not that that would have been a big deal, except my son saw them and asked if I could quick make him a pair to wear to school.  Say what??? This is the kid who wanted nothing to do with exchanging Valentines this year. The kid who told me the morning before that he needed a Valentine container that day, so he took a brown paper lunch sack, a black Sharpie and wrote his name and 2 black hearts on it! 
Pipe cleaner heart goggles were okay, though. 
I so don’t get 10 year old boys. 
Oh yeah, and he was so distracted that he left his lunch bag on the table that morning.  
Guess who got a heart-shaped sandwich on Feb. 15th?? Oh yeah.
We also made the paper plate heart hats with her class.  I got this idea from AlphaMom and you’ll have to click on her name and see all the other hats you can make from paper plates! Incredible!
For dinner, we had my trusted individual meatloaves. I love how you can shape a meatloaf 
into nearly any shape you want!  Those little guys are so dang versatile!
Pre-baking, ignore the awful pan, it is just well-loved.
And after with our red-smashed potatoes that I just form into a heart using a spoon.
My daughter’s place setting.  Everything tastes better if it’s in a fancy glass.  
Even pudding, we’ve tried it.
For dessert, we had chocolate fondue. My kids are in love with fondue!
and I had frozen a few of these babies from when I made them last week for my work.  
I got the recipe for these Cherry Chocolate Kisses from the Curvy Carrot.  They are 
definitely a shortbread cookie as opposed to a moist, gooey cookie.  Which is awesome 
by me, because I’m in love with shortbread!
And, of course, we spent a lot of time cuddling and giggling and having tickle time!  
But I was a good Mommy for that and put the camera down so I could join in!
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  1. I knew that you’d do something fun….what a great idea for dinner! :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I had to tell you that my cookie sheet looks a lot like yours…very well loved and a little warped. :0)

  3. love it!

  4. Looks like a Sweet Loved Filled Day Over there! That is what it’s all about! Your kiddos are too cute! And Yes, I love those pipe cleaner Goggles! Your dinner looked tasty- that pan- LOVED It! So Happy Mine are “normal” Looking too! :) Thanks for sharing your Valentines Day Wrap up!

  5. What a fantastic Valentine meal and entire day. I love the goggles. =) There is no such thing as understanding 10 year old boys. I taught them for a number of years, and they are simply indecipherable. =)

  6. Your kids look fabulous in those glasses. I’m so glad they worked out! And I too cooked heart shaped hamburgers on Valentines!!

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