Grocery Shop From Home + Coupon Code!

Let me set the scene for you…
Sometime in the not-too-distant past, I asked my dear husband to run to the store for me and gave him a very detailed list with 5 items on it.  My lovely husband returned with about 6 bags and only 3 of the items on the list.  When I asked him what happened, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I forgot I had a list and just started wingin’ it.”.  About 10 minutes later he found the “lost” list in his pants pocket.
You know what could have saved us that day??  
When I was contacted recently by Giant Food Stores to try out and review their new Shop From Home program, there was no way I could look across the table at my dear husband and not jump through my computer screen screaming, “YES!!!” at the same time.  
Marriages like ours need programs like this.
All I had to do was log-in with my rewards card number, and I was ready to start shopping!
I loved that you could shop by using the flyer (since I was sitting at my table with the flyer and coupons anyways!) or you could shop by aisles. You can get super specific with some of your items, as well.  For instance, if you want bananas, you can actually specify if you want them ripe or green! How cool is that?
I also liked, when you searched for an item, at the top of your screen it showed you if there were any of those items on sale this week.  I used that feature quite a bit and was very grateful for it!
(sorry, I know that’s not the best quality, but for some reason none of my screen shots were coming out sharp??)
The part that I enjoyed the most, was the fact that I saved more on coupons with this trip than I have in a LONG time.  I was able to have my coupons all laid out in front of me on the table and search for specific items.  It worked out great!  If you’re any kind of a deal-finder, this is the way to go.  SO much easier than trying to flip through your coupon organizer, while your kids are asking for stuff they spy and there’s people behind you in the aisle who want to get past.  Plus, you can see you running total as you’re shopping rather than have to carry around a calculator and add it up manually.
Another huge pro… I didn’t have to take time to go through all my recipes/menus for the week and write down what I needed.  I had my cookbooks right in front of me and a couple of tabs pulled up for the new recipes I was trying, and all I did was click on one tab to see what ingredients I needed, then flip right back to my Shop From Home screen and directly order those things.  Incredibly easy, big time-saver and I didn’t have to waste printer paper or ink!
You do have to allow at least 4 hours between the time you place your order and when you can pick it up, and in our case, it actually was 5-6 hours until we were able to arrive at the store.  But, when you think about it, that’s actually perfect timing for you to sit down with your breakfast, place your grocery order and have your husband pick it up on the way home from work!  Or if you have to be the one to actually pick it up too… no biggie!   There’s a drive-thru lane out front, and you just pull up, give them your name and your cart is held right inside in a climate-controlled room.
They wheel it out, load it up for you and you pay right there!  You never have to go in the store! Are you hearing me all you moms of young kids who fall asleep every time you’re 1.6 minutes from your destination??!  You don’t have to wake them up!  This is about 8 years too late for me, but wow!
Of course, you can go in and go straight to the Shop From Home counter, so there’s absolutely no waiting in line!  This is what I did, and I was glad I did because (and here’s a con, but not really a big one), there were a couple things on my order that were out of stock.  Some of them didn’t really matter to me, but there were a few that I wanted a substitution, so I did run back through the aisles quick and get what I needed.  Also, see those 2 cases of soda on my cart?  Well, I had a coupon for $2 off 2 20-packs, so I thought I would stock up to host Easter.  When I got home I realized that one was a 20-pack and one was a 12-pack.  Not sure how my coupon still worked, but I was disappointed since I had actually paid for the 2 20-packs since that’s what I ordered on-line.  I also ended up with a pack of flour tortillas that I didn’t order, so I just considered that bonus (and crossed my fingers that nobody was missing it who needed them that night!).  So, yes, a few small cons.  But, honestly, did you read about my husband???  This was sooooo much better than it could have been and even when I go myself, I often forget things or end up with spicy brown mustard when I wanted dijon (seriously, they shouldn’t be in the same aisle… much too easy to get confused).
I was VERY pleased and if it was closer I would use it often! It definitely made me “rethink grocery shopping” and I think I would only get faster and better.  Plus, once you’ve used it the first time, it saves your grocery cart from previous trips, so if there are items you use frequently, you don’t have to keep searching for them, they’re already in you cart and you can just quick click on them.

Here’s a quick video for anybody who wants to see it in action.

And for all of you who do live close enough (this is offered at the Camp Hill and Willow Grove, PA locations), they are currently waiving the $4.95 fee to use this service!
And as an added bonus, all my readers can use the 
coupon code  PUPSO10 to get $10 off $50!!
Plus, take a moment to head over and like their Facebook page for even more coupons and to enter their sweepstakes.  One fan each week wins free groceries!  Feel free to let them know I sent you!

It was seriously wonderful and I’m super jealous of everyone who lives close enough to use this on a regular basis!  This would have been fantastic when I was pregnant! Thanks, Giant!

* I was provided with compensation to review this company but the opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. Geez- how awesome, amazing, fantastic, super duper coolness(is that a word) Is this Program. Get the heck outta here!!! I was cracking up on the first line…Let me set the scene- I just thought… I love this Natalie- she is so fun!!! Ok- but seriously, I wish I had a Giant so I could do this! Great info!! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I had a Giant near where I live! I live all the way in Texas, so it wouldn’t work for me, lol. ;D But if I had a store near me that did this, this would become my new way of shopping.

  3. I am ssoooooo jealous, I am in Texas also. Just imagining not fighting kids thru store and then dragging cart out to load car in our fast approaching 100+ days!!!!

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