Share & Wow Wednesday!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everybody who took time out of their days to email 
and ask how I was feeling after my last migraine!  Ugh, those things stink!  I think I’ve gotten 
back to all of you by now (sorry, it took a couple days, funny thing with those migraines, 
but they don’t like it when I’m on the computer too much!).  Really sweet of you, though!
Life here has been super busy lately… lots of fun PTO things that I’m helping with, REALLY working on starting that 2nd blog that I mentioned in my 2012 goals, a number of big projects I’m working on and getting tons of emails lately about sponsorships/reviews/guest posts!  This is all new for me and I’m trying to find a good balance and keep up with it all.  Oh yeah, and my sisters have finally started including me in their Words With Friends games.  I think I’m a good confidence boost for them. : )
Running, running around these parts!  But I want to see what all of you have been up to 
this past week!  So link up and show me what’s been keeping you busy!
And be sure to come back tomorrow because I have a fantastic giveaway that’s going up!
I’m super excited about it and know you guys will love it too!



Hi, I'm Natalie and I like to move slowly (like a turtle, if you will)! I daydream about minivans, painting walls and eating fudge with a spoon. Welcome to my little computer home where I share my family's adventures as we live life from the slow lane!

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  1. Natalie, So happy to hear your head is not pounding anymore- those things are stinkers!! Thank you my dear for the party-as always, I love seeing everyone’s link ups! FUN!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for hosting the party!


  3. So glad you are feeling better! migraines are the worst! thanks for the party!!

  4. I should be in bed, but I’m here linking up instead! I’m glad you are feeling better, Natalie! :0)

  5. Thank you for hosting! :)


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