St. Patrick’s Day Revisited!

Since not too much has gotten done around here lately, I thought I’d share how we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last year!
You know, before so many of you decided to come hang out with me!
We’re big on brinner over here.  Honestly, there isn’t a lot better than breakfast for dinner, and it’s pretty swell for a girl like me, because you can turn a pancake into just about anything!
It’s my go-to for holidays!  Add some scrambled eggs for your pots of gold and any leprechaun would be proud!
Of course, we had to finish out the evening (and maybe their after-school treat too) with some rainbow cupcakes! Take the easy way out and just whip up a box mix and tint it different colors.
And, of course, the obligatory leprechaun traps that they never seem to get too old for.  One of these years, they’ll catch the little sneak!  Last year he escaped through the toilet and turned the water green, so this year he’s going to need to be extra sneaky!
Aww, it’s only been a year and already they look so much older than they do in these pics!
Off to consult my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board to see what I can find for this year’s meal!


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  1. The leprechaun traps are such a great idea! I’ll have to remember that for when I have kiddies.

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