Bowing My Head In Shame aka I’m Lame

I was on such a roll with posting.  I was doing so well. So well.
I should have known that I would crash and burn at some point. : (
I feel so bad that I’ve been so missing around here for the last couple of weeks!  Things have just been nutso, for lack of any better words.  But I think nutso, pretty much describes my life right about now!
It’s always like this around this time of year for me… kind of the mad crunch of trying to fit everything in at the end of the school year.  I’ve got 4 pretty big PTO committees that I’m either on or chairing that are all having events in the next month, and this is my first time trying to divide my time between 2 schools and holy moly… that ain’t no joke!  It takes some serious planning skills, of which, I apparently have none since I sent a big committee email out last week asking for help on a day when I won’t even be in the state.  Some day I will learn how to use a calendar.  Some day…
And, yes, I am actually still working on things around the house and, hopefully, one day I’ll be able to show you!  Most of it is just in the beginning stages right now, though!
We’ve been weeding, re-edging and tilling our garden to get it ready for planting.
My strawberry plants are really blooming too, so I need to get my chicken wire around them before the bunnies take over again!  Can you believe the whole length of this sunroom started with only 3 strawberry plants and this is only the 3rd summer!! Isn’t that crazy how much they spread?!
Here’s a better view of my sunroom with my strawberry plants and pretty tree!
And yesterday, my husband and brother-in-law started building a tree fort for my son!

The kids spent the entire time catching frogs and getting filthy like only little kids can do.
And so, I promise you, I really have been doing stuff and I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time to jot it all down!  I’m still trying to find the balance with all of this and I’m sure there will be some more ebbs and flows as I figure it all out!  And just because I don’t want you guys to think we strut around here being productive all the time, we’ve done an awesome job of completely ignoring this shed roof every single time we walk by it.  We’re spectacular at focusing on certain things.
I will be back tomorrow with a post that has me shakin’ in my boots I’m excited about!
I also have a fantastic giveaway going up tomorrow and another awesome one next week!
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  1. You? Shake in your boots? Nice try Nat- you rock everything you do! :) Ok- I LOVE your yard! And that tree, super pretty. I don’t blame you for being mia with posting… hell I would be outside enjoying that gorgeousness all day long! Can’t wait to see your garden- oh and I love your little turtles catching frogs- so FUN! My boys would LOVE that!! Thanks for sharing, you always make me laugh, chuckle and end in a smile! Thank you for that! Jen

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