Homemade Jewelry

Little family bragging goin’ on around here this morning.  
I’ve got this really awesome little sister who completely rocks in the handmade gift department.  I’ve shown you some of her handiwork before with the Muppets ornaments and perpetual calendar she made me, but she also makes some pretty fantastic jewelry (and that presentation isn’t too shabby either).
She made me this awesome pair of yellow button earrings that I wear whenever I’m feeling funky.
I wish I could get a shirt that says, “You can’t frown when you’re wearing yellow.”
She made me this gorgeous pendant for my birthday this year (and there were earrings that 
went with it that I LOVE, but my daughter did too and now I can’t find them which 
only means you’ll get to see them in a future post.  They really are super cute).


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  1. How very cute! This is the second time in the same amount of days that I’ve seen someone ’embroider’ a canvas!
    You have a crafty sister and thoughtful too. If she reads your blog, you may just that T-shirt. From Her!

  2. Holy Moly- she needs to open up a little store! Talent I tell you what! {runs in the family from the looks of it} So so cute!

  3. Your little sister is awesome! I love the yellow button earrings, especially. You might have that t-shirt made at http://www.vistaprint.com/gallery.aspx?pg=6 =)

  4. You have a very clever sister. I love the necklace! Hope the earrings turn up soon.

  5. These are so pretty.


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