Share & Wow Wednesday!

Part-ay!!  Boogie Woogie on the dance floor!!
But first, deep thoughts with Stuart Smalley…
Can I just say how much you all BLOW ME AWAY!!!
It has been exactly 10 days since I announced my second blog, The Thrifty Turtle, was live and 
in those 10 days, my sister and I already have 145 Facebook likes, 70 subscribers, 688 unique 
visitors and 2,177 pageviews!! What the what???  In 10 days!!  That’s cuh-razy!!!
And, if I’m going to be completely honest, it’s a little sweat-inducing.
I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack over here. I’m having trouble deciding what to put on which blog and what should go both places but not wanting to double up on you guys and trying not to be annoying but also trying to “market” this a little bit… and… and… and my husband has been buying a lot of wine lately.  But I think I’m calming down.  I just need to let it ride and realize that things will fall into place.
And they will because you guys rock and with rocks by my side, I’ll do alright.
Back to the boogie woogie-ing with your bad selves.
And please remember to take the time and visit some of the other links!  People love comments
and it only takes a minute to stop by the links around you and show them some love!



Hi, I'm Natalie and I like to move slowly (like a turtle, if you will)! I daydream about minivans, painting walls and eating fudge with a spoon. Welcome to my little computer home where I share my family's adventures as we live life from the slow lane!

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  1. Congrats on your new site! That’s exciting that it’s doing well. Don’t stress! Just have fun with it!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting…Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for hosting! Congratulations on all the success with your new site! I hope you have a Happy Easter with your family this weekend!

  4. Natalie, thanks for hosting. I haven’t linked up in awhile. Congrats on the growth of your other blog!

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