Sunday (Monday) Spotlights!

#1 Most Viewed Link

Upcycled Doll Bed from Uncommon Designs
I love anything upcycled, blue and miniature… only thing that bummed me out about this post is that now I’m going to be obsessed with scouring thrift stores and yard sales until I find one of these!
#2 Lo-Cal Reuben from 21 Rosemary Lane
This looks delicious and I love how she took a Weight Watchers recipe and 
trimmed it down even more! 
#3- Personalized End Table from Tattered & Inked
Again, love me some blue!  And anyone who can glaze and make it look this good is a winner in my book! That is just not a specialty of mine (along with sewing and pancakes, and gardening…)
#4 Pantry Door Turned Frame from Creatively Living
I love how simple this is and what a big impact it would have on a large empty wall!  Great way to fill up a space and it could be so easily altered to fit in with any color scheme!
#5 Tablecloth Curtains from Thrifty Decorating
If you’ve followed me (and actually read my ramblings) for any length of time, then you can probably guess why I love this post so much.  I love when people use things in ways other than how they were originally intended.  So when Nikki needed curtains for her daughter’s playhouse, she didn’t just go buy curtains or even fabric like most people,  but she went and bought vinyl tablecloths! Not only are they cheaper, but they’ll be so much more durable in the long-run!  PLUS… she kept her daughter’s “flower” arrangement in the pictures for the post!  So many people would have staged the pictures and put real flowers in the shot and I just love that she kept it how it actually looks with that touch of her daughter.  My kind of post!
Thanks to everyone for sharing and I hope you all 
had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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  1. Natalie, Thanks for the feature! keep you eyes open at those thrift shops, you never know what you might find! 😉

  2. Natalie your are too sweet…thank you for featuring my yummy reuben! What super features you have this week…love that bright blue doll bed. I’m just a little sad that my daughter is almost too old for baby dolls or I would be looking to make one for her too!
    Thank you again and have a great week!!!

  3. Oh my goodness are those some AWESOME BLOSSOM Features up there! Love them all- and the woman behind them- super sweet ladies! Nice work all around!

  4. Thank you so much for the feature! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    @ Creatively Living

  5. There are some great ideas there. Love that pantry door picture frame. I’ll look at Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store a lot differently now!

  6. Wow! I think the frame is my favourite. It looks fantastic.

  7. Thanks, Natalie, for the super sweet write-up! :)
    I’m off to pick up my kids, but then I’ll be back to link up! :)

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