Polka Daisy Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day, Turtles!!!
Yes, I know I’m a bit early… details, details… but I will be drawing the winner of this giveaway on Mother’s Day so I can email you right away and give you a little present to end your day on!!
I love giving presents and surprising people!!
I’m so beyond excited for this giveaway for so many reasons, but #1 has got to be that this girl is just a sweetheart!  Honestly, I’ve come across a lot of people since starting this blog and Michelle from Polka Daisy is genuine, down-to-earth and sends the sweetest notes ever!  Every time I’d see there was a new message from her I’d get a little smile because she always knew how to brighten my day!  A nice gal!!
Oh yeah, and her work is stunning!
Take a stroll through Polka Daisy and be prepared to wipe the drool while you browse.

Love the God Gave Me You necklace!  You could add your child’s birthdate or even their name.  This would be a great piece to give an expectant mom when her adopted child arrives, as well!  Or you could even use this as an anniversary gift with your wedding date on it!  (I’ll even email your husbands on the sly with the link if you want!  You can get me in on most conspiracies!! wink, wink)

You are My Sunshine is sweet as sweet can be and love the square shape to put a little twist on it!

Polka Daisy has bracelets and keychains too and everything can be personalized!!

Some designs would even be great to get for a guy for Father’s Day!

Michelle was sweet enough to send me a necklace and it arrived like a pretty little gift!  Every little detail of the packaging was just perfect and made me feel like it was my birthday!

I chose the Two Tags necklace, which would be perfect with your kids’ names or birthdates!  I decided to use it to show my love for my hubby, though and had our initials and anniversary date put on it.  I just adore it and keep finding myself looking at it with a goofy little smile on my face!

Now that I have you guys good and flustered with all this gorgeousness…

drumroll, please…    Michelle has offered to give away, 1 item in the Polka Daisy
shop to one of A Turtle’s Life’s readers!   

The winner will have their choice of anything at Polka Daisy!!!

Just click on the links below and then wait to see if you get an extra gift on Mother’s Day!
(Please be a follower of A Turtle’s Life for Me blog to enter!)

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  1. I love the customized necklaces at Polka Daisy

  2. I love the Strength for Today necklace.

  3. Ahhhhh gotta have the love never fails cufff

  4. I love your to the moon and back is my favorite. Because I always say that to my kids. It’s perfect.

  5. Tara sent me here — what a lovely find. Thanks for sharing a giveaway!

  6. The sunshine necklace or eat dessert first :)

  7. They are all so pretty, it would take me a bit to decide which one. But I would definitely LOVE to win one of them!!

  8. I do love the sunshine necklace!

  9. I would get the “katies” necklace with my children’s names. She has really great ideas!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love these!!

  11. PolkaDaisy- what a great name! I love the necklaces- especially the Off the Market & Mommy to Be… What perfect gifts!

  12. I love the Beauty Squared! :)

  13. I would love this…or maybe to be extra sweet to my friend who is pregnant with twins as a birth gift.

  14. What gorgeous work! I loved the two tags necklace too, and the concave look of jennifer’s necklace is just gorg!

  15. I love the “God Gave Me You” necklace for my daughter. Also I think my friend who just got home with her adopted baby would love it as well!!!

  16. I love the-sunshine!

  17. My favorite is the Circle of Joy.

  18. I love the sunshine necklace!

  19. I got a necklace last year for myself and I liked it but didn’t love….I would REALLY like to win this!!!!

  20. Melody says:

    What beautiful things she makes…So hard to decide :) Thanks for the chance!

  21. I LOVE the “You are my Sunshine” necklace… I have sung that to all my babies when they were little and still sing it to my 4 year old. Even my 8 year old still loves that song. :) It is a special time for us when I wrap them up in my arms and start singing “our” song.

  22. So many people I know are having babies…love the mommy to be! If I was having a kid I’d love for it to say grandma to be and give it to my mom…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love them all! How can I choose just one?! Kimberly S.

  24. My favorite item is the Jennifer’s necklace. It was hard to choose a fav, there are so many ones I like.

  25. I would like the God gave me you necklace! It reminds me how blessed I am!

  26. I love you to the moon and back is my fav!

  27. I love the “You are My Sunshine”

  28. Sarah mason says:

    Love all of them!

  29. Stacey B says:

    I like the Moon & Back Remix

  30. Fabulous! I love Polka Daisy! I’m a follower here but couldn’t seem to enter….

  31. Love the “God gave me you” and “you are my sunshine”!

  32. one of the things i like is the Love Never Fails bracelet

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  33. I really like the I love my pet necklace!

  34. Oooh, they are gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  35. I love the ‘I love my pet’- we are having to put down my Mastiff Izzy this week and I would love to hang this on her memorial box.

  36. These are sweet and special. Thanks for the opportunity

  37. I love the To the Moon and Back necklace!

  38. Adorable!!

  39. I’d love ” Moon & Back”!

  40. I love the Faith, Hope, Love Necklace.

  41. JennyK says:

    I adore the “To the Moon and Back” necklace. My kids hear it all the time!!

  42. I love these! You are my sunshine is probably my favorite but after looking at their website it’s hard to choose.

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