Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

As much as I love themed gifts and special occasions and all that honky-tonk, you would think I would start planning ahead and go all out with it.  But, in reality, my schedule is usually so full that I get things done for one “event” and then have a couple days till the next big “event”.   This doesn’t leave much time to work ahead, so most of my ideas are things you can easily pull together in an evening!
Some day I’ll get myself together and maybe by then I’ll be making 
gifts for my kids’ college professors!  
“Yes, dear, just take this paper mache ornament with your handprint on it into your professor. He’ll love it!”
So since you still have about 4 days until Teacher Appreciation Week starts on Monday, you have no excuse not to get busy creating!  Come on girls, whip out that Mod Podge!
I’m sure you’ve seen this free printable Teacher Subway art all over blogland!  It’s from the incredible gals at eighteen25 and there is SO much you could do with it!  We just framed it, but you could Mod Podge it onto a clipboard for the classroom, make a sign out of it or tell me a new idea for it!
This was a sign I made using flashcards from Urban Bliss.  I just painted a scrap piece of wood and Mod Podged these on.  At the time they were a free printable, but they are now part of her shop! Still gorgeous cards, though for a really affordable price! I still smile when I see it in the teacher’s class!
Or you could take the super easy and yummy way out and just make some cookies!
Or pick up some flowers! This was actually a gift I got from one of my kids’ teachers but I’m sure they would love to receive it as well!
These last 2 take a little bit more planning since you have to get the kids’ thumbprints or pictures.
The thumbprint picture is just a piece of cardstock that I drew a tree on with a pen!
Whatever you decide, nothing beats a little hand-written note from your child! 
We love our teachers!!


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  1. My son is actually sending in a hand written note. However, I really would like to do something really creative. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Mrs. Delightful

  2. [email protected] Bitsy Paper says:

    How great! I hope you will link up to my Teacher Appreciation Linky Party going on now.


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