Trim Down Thursday #1 with Nutrisystem- #NSNation

It’s {gulp} here, ladies!!

Our first official Trim Down Thursday!! I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing this by myself or if some of you (hopefully) will be joining me but either way, each Thursday you’re going to be forced to follow my journey. Now doesn’t that sound like a whole barrel of fun?!

Thing is, this girl right here needs accountability. In a big way. Like thousands of people watching me kind of way.

I need little mini goals and challenges too.  I’ve (semi) tried just jumping in head-first before and trying to overhaul everything at once and it isn’t too pretty.  It’s too much mentally, and if there’s one thing I can tell you about myself… it’s that I’m mental.

So mental, in fact, that I need to know exactly where to look when I open that pantry door. Exactly where to look when I open my freezer.  My eyes cannot be trusted to wander all over every shelf or else I’ll start getting ideas in my head.

Sooo… my first challenge to all of you is to organize your food!

I’ve chosen to get healthy by following NutriSystem, so when my first shipment showed up over the weekend, the first thing I did was attack the pantry.  I didn’t want my stuff spread out “wherever their was room”.  I wanted it all contained and organized by meal.  Which is actually super simple with NutriSystem, because all the packages are color-coded. I can look right at the color on the package and know which meal it is.

I cleared an entire shelf in my pantry (ironically, the shelf that used to be devoted to all my baking goods!), found 2 bins I wasn’t using and organized the heck out of this stuff!  I have one bin that is nothing but lunch and dinner items. The second bin is all my desserts, breakfast items and shakes.   So far so good.  I honestly do open that door and look straight at my bins (I made sure to pick a shelf that was eye-level), I grab what I need and close the door.  My eyes haven’t been wandering around seeing all the other things I *could* have.

Then last night, my cooler with all my freezer foods showed up!!  I took the lid off and almost fell to my knees… it looked so good!!

Then I got to work in my freezer.  I found 2 more bins and separated everything by meal-type again!

I had book club last night, so I didn’t have time to get everything pulled together yet. Which means my challenge for the week isn’t complete either… I have to find another basket to organize all my freezer desserts, because right now it’s looking pretty sad.

BUT… I didn’t do terribly at book club. And I must share that we actually call ourselves Bookalicious (you know… books + delicious food!), so I was already bracing myself before I even got there!  I ate one of my NutriSystem pizzas on the way there, because I was starving and knew I didn’t want to walk into that house on an empty stomach.  I did have some crackers with a cream cheese spread and some corn and black bean salsa.  But, I ate the salsa with a fork (no tortilla chips!), and I totally passed on the egg rolls, chocolate kahlua cake and mango dream whip!  Completely passed on them!!

For this week’s Organize Your Food challenge, I still need to get part of the freezer in order and get my fridge in shape.  I want to always have cut-up veggies ready to munch on and a drawer with yogurt and string cheese.  Right now my fridge is still a free-for-all for the eyes and I just cannot let that continue!!

I’m hoping you guys will join me and share the ways you’re organizing your food to help you be successful!  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone your body or just maintain your already healthy lifestyle… this is something we all should be able to benefit from!  And it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it according to a “plan” like me or if you’re just doing it on your own… we all can learn from each other and just adapt it to our own lifestyle!

I weighed myself this morning and measured everything! Tonight when my husband gets home, I’m going to have him get a before shot of me. Yanno, for the records!  I’ll be weighing in every Thursday morning and cross everything you’ve got and toss some chicken bones, that it will keep on going down!  Right now I’ve got 45 lbs. to lose just to get to the top of the healthy range for my height.  Yikes!

Feel free to write up your own post and link it up here (I’ll leave it open until next Thursday) or to just leave a comment letting us know how you’re doing!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Nutrisystem you can visit the Nutrisystem site or call 1-888-853-4689.

 This post is being sponsored by Nutrisystem, but all opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. Wow, you’ve made a fantastic start – WTG!! I’m trying the chicken method of slimming down for summer – exercise and cutting out the 1am snacks. Good luck!!!

  2. Glad to see you are diving in head first! I am going with the approach of bumping up the exercise, drinking more water (less wine) and more home prepared foods vs processed. I will weigh in with you on Thursdays. I actually weighed myself this morning so I am ready to roll. I want to lose about 25 lbs.

  3. Wow! You seem so organized with everything – great job!

  4. Organizing all that food is a smart idea! I’ll check in with you every Thursday too! I started out wanting to lose 40 lbs and am down 12 pounds so 28 to go. Seems so close but yet so far away! Although it really is all about fitting into my favorite Banana Republic jeans that is my goal! I just download Bob Harper’s new book last night and there’s some 30 day meal plan to follow so once I’m done reading it, I’ll start that.

    So how is that Nutrisystem food tasting?

  5. I’m so glad you’re doing this!! I’ve been doing “Weight Loss Wednesdays” on my blog since just before Christmas to track my journey from overweight after 3 kids back to my pre-kids weight and I’m over 3/5 of the way there. I use our blog as a journal and I love to look back to see how far I’ve come. It’s especially a good motivator when I’m struggling or have hit a plateau.

    Good luck this week!!


  6. I’ve been doing NS myself for about 6 weeks. I’ve been busy with a full time job, school in the evenings and a hefty commute, so this was a great way for me to jump start (and i’ve been terribly inconsistent in exercising) i’ve lost 8 lbs in the first month, and had a vacation to Ocean City, MD in that time too! Good luck on your journey!

  7. I love having everything organized. As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I cut, marinade, prep, etc all my purchases so for the rest of the week I have no reason not to eat good! Never thought about bins, I love that idea!

  8. Good luck, Natalie! I hope that someday very soon my weight doesn’t even enter my stream of consciousness!

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