Holiday Cleaning

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I am totally not a neat-freak, and, to be honest, among my group of friends, I think it would be unanimous that I’m the clutterbug.  It really doesn’t bother me too much to have some things laying around here and there.  To spend time hanging out with the hubby in the evening and just getting to the dishes in the morning.  I don’t know… it’s just me. Sometimes I wish I could keep up with it more. Sometimes it makes me feel lazy.  Most of the time, though, I kind of figure that if it’s all able to be cleaned up quickly and look presentable, then I’m never that far away from being clean!

Here’s my little “thing”, though, if you will. I absolutely CANNOT decorate for the holidays, until the house is completely cleaned.  I do the same when we’re packing for a trip.  Instead of just throwing things in a suitcase and heading out the door, it’s like I literally cannot even think about the suitcase until the entire house is cleaned.  Honestly, as if dusting a shelf in the living room has anything to do with whether I pack the red shirt or the yellow shirt?!  Nothing logical about it, but it’s me.

But back to the holiday decorating… I actually do think there’s something logical about that!  Let’s break it down, if you’re clearing off every visibly surface anyways (because that is EXACTLY what you should be doing since your house isn’t decorated until it looks like Santa Claus himself threw up in it), then why not give it a good scrubbing while you’re doing it?

And, yes, this means that when I move on to the bathroom to hang up all the new holiday pictures (because of course I have new artwork for each holiday for every room in my house), and when I’m changing all the soap dispensers and decorations on the backs of the toilet… you guessed it, I MUST clean those bad boys while I’m at it.  Go ahead and just take a guess as to what madness goes down in my kitchen!

But here’s the other thing… it has to be done quickly and my money must be directed towards even more holiday glitz and glam and can’t all be going towards the cleaning products allowance!  Cue the red curtain and somebody tell Clorox® that they’re needed!!



What did people do before these beauties were invented??  Seriously, I can tuck a container under my arm and whip through my house in no time flat.  Love anything that is multi-purpose!  And nothing is better than a holiday season where your wallet actually gets fatter instead of looking like a skeleton!  Thanks to the unbeatable prices at Dollar General, you can stock up on all your Clorox® supplies, whip your house into shape in no time and get your holiday spirit on!

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This is a sponsored post but all the opinions are 100% my own.

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