Window Decorations!

Today at the bakery, I had a guy pop his head in the door and yell “I just wanted to say congratulations!”.  I was seriously dumbfounded.  I could not for the life of me think of what he was congratulating me for!  When I asked what he meant, he said “For your doily Christmas tree!  I’ve never seen that before and it’s great!”, and then he scurried out and closed the door behind him!

A bit strange, but you know what?  I like my doily Christmas tree too!!

So cheap and easy!  I bought a bunch of packs of doilies from Consumer Crafts, but I just saw these at Amazon that would work great because there’s lots of sizes in just the one pack!

The other window at the bakery has a real Christmas tree and I love smelling it every day!  Did I ever show you guys the felt tree skirt I made years ago?

I hardly every use it anymore, but I pulled it out for the bakery because it makes me smile!  I cut all the pieces out, stuffed the little trees and hand-sewed everything all while I was pregnant with my son 11 years ago!

Speaking of my son… I think it’s official that he is the child of a blogger.  When we were decorating our living room tree last weekend, he yelled “STOP!!” and came back with a little sign.

Yes, that’s right. He actually made us stop so he could get a before picture of the tree!  Such a strange and wonderful kiddo.

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