Taking the Stress out of Mealtime

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I’m here to take away your stress. To take away your guilt. To let you know that it’s okay if you still haven’t figure out what’s for dinner tonight. Yes, even if it’s already 5:00 and you still don’t know what you’re making for dinner. It is okay. Honest.

Here’s the thing. We all live different lives. We have different family dynamics, different jobs, different activities that keep us busy. I can’t even wrap my head around all the different lifestyles that follow along with this humble little blog. But I do know one thing… we’ve all gotta eat, right? I mean, at some point during your day (and hopefully at a few points during your day), you’ve gotta slow down and find something to eat.

The problem for me, and I’m going to take a wild guess and say for many of you, is that I often don’t get a moment to even think of what I’m going to eat until the mealtime is upon me. Cue the wave of stress. But let me wipe it away for you, because you can wait until the last minute and still put a well-rounded, wholesome meal on the table for your family. I’ve got the oohs and ahhs to prove it every night at dinnertime!

A Marie Callender’s lasagna and a Bird’s Eye steamed vegetable and dinner is ready to be served.

frozen food dinner vegetable

My kitchen stays bizarrely clean, my family leaves the table with full bellies, I’ve eliminated the stress of planning and prepping and I know my family ate a healthy meal.

That last little one I slid in there, bears some discussion on its own, so let’s go ahead and highlight it. I KNOW THEY ATE A HEALTHY MEAL! A study conduced by the Frozen Food Foundation and University of Georgia compared the nutritional value between 8 commonly purchased fresh and frozen vegetables. The study results showed that, in many cases, the nutritional value – speifically the amounts of Vitamins A, C and folate – of frozen fruits and vegetables is greater than that of fresh-stored produce.

I find that extremely easy to believe when I’m eating my Lean Cuisine cranberry & chicken salad for lunch a couple times a week! Totally addicted to this salad!

frozen food salad lunch

My husband prefers his Hot Pockets for lunch as he roams around his job site! No clean-up and being able to palm his lunch are some big motivators for this guy!

Frozen foods are even good enough for our in-home date night! We grab some Buitoni shrimp ravioli one night and the next we could have some Green Giant roasted red potatoes with a steak. Because honestly, when you’re on a date night, the last thing you want to spend time doing is prep work and clean up. Am I right or am I right?? wink, wink

frozen food dinner lunch snack

But regardless of what you eat for dinner, you can still indulge in a healthy frozen Greek yogurt from Healthy Choice for dessert. My daughter and I practically wrestle each other over these! So cut yourself a break and let frozen foods do the work for you! A happy mom is a happy home…

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  1. Healthy Choice Greek Yogurt is my dessert at night. Great tasting! Hubby has ice cream and I have my frozen yogurt! My reward each night!

  2. it took my husband a LONG time to understand just how good frozen foods can be- including veggies. he used to turn up his nose. grrrrr!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try those Lean Cuisine salad thingies! Those would be great in the spring and summer when we want something quick so we can get outside!

  4. I enjoy cooking, so I prefer to whip up meals from scratch, but I am all too familiar with that mealtime stress that you detailed at the beginning of your post. Of the items you pictured, our family’s personal favorite is the Buitoni ravioli. We usually have a package on hand and toss it with red sauce and fresh veggies. I love how there are so many healthier frozen meals on the market now.

  5. I love healthy food that is quick and easy to prepare. Marie Callender’s is my favorite!

  6. I love simple dinners like these! I never have enough time to cook a nice meal.

  7. I absolutely LOVE those Hot Pockets, actually the Lean Pockets with the spinach and cheese. Oh yum, now I want one! I eat frozen meals soooooo often. I literally always have at least 12 in my freezer at a time.

  8. I have tried SteamFresh items before because when you are a single working mom on the run they come in handy. The Green Giant frozen potatoes look good, will have to try those.

  9. These all look so good and would make mealtimes a bit less stressful and busy for me!

  10. That is a great choice of foods.

  11. It’s great to have some frozen food when I have no wishes to cook!

  12. We love Green Giant frozen Veggies. My daughter snacks on hot pockets every once in a while..

  13. These are my go to meals when I have a busy day. So much cheaper than takeout!

  14. These all look so good! Lucky for me, I have a lasagna in the oven as I write this – and I think I eat a container of greek yogurt per day! So much protein in it 😉

  15. I eat my fair share of frozen foods throughout the week. I like having a Lean Cuisine for lunch.

  16. These are many brands I used to count on. Now that my daughter needs to eat gluten free, it makes thing much more difficult!

  17. Thanks for the ideas! I’m always stumped on what to make for dinner and lunches. I usually try to make something from scratch (semi-scratch at least), but every now and then, you need something quick and easy like this!

  18. I have never head of the Healthy Choice salad additions. We are not big on prepared food, but there are times when they are necessary. I love the Marie Calanders!

  19. Sometimes you just need a break from cooking!

  20. I love that lasagna!

  21. We always keep a bunch of this kind of food in the freezer for the same reason. We’re a big family and a lot of times we’re all on different schedules.

  22. Thanks for putting these together, some of my favorite brands. Good idea!

  23. I love planning ahead and making freezer meals for those nights when I fall behind and don’t get anything ready, but of course that doesn’t always happen no matter how hard I try. I’m definitely open to premade frozen options, too!

  24. I know people always want to make meals from scratch every night, but the right combination of frozen pre-made meals and scratch meals make life easier and more enjoyable.

  25. Those look like awesome mealtime options. I really want to try the salad creations

  26. i LOVE those salad toppers by Lean Cuisine – they are so delicious and filling. I want one know! LOL!

  27. I call it mealtime meltdown! It never fails that the hour before dinner s the worst hour of our day. I totally get where you are coming from with the mealtime stress :)

  28. I love freezer food! These look like great selections!

  29. Thanks for sharing, this time of the year I gladly take all the help I can get to dish up dinner… We love the Lean Cuisine salads.. Merry Christmas

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