Holiday Chalkboard Sugar Cookies

Making Holiday Chalkboard sugar cookies this holiday season is much easier than you would expect!

chalkboard sugar cookies wilton fondant

Being the daughter of a cake decorator certainly comes with its own set of pros and cons.  Since she was young, my daughter has loved to watch a cake transform from the “rough” crumb coat stage through to the finished product.

There’s always a moment where I can look over and see her nose all scrunched up while she decides whether she should say something or not about her lack of faith that it will actually evolve into the design I’ve sketched on paper. I’ll admit, I’ve had lots of “the scrunched up nose moments” too.

She also has lots of moments during the decorating stage where she wants to help. Where she asks no less than 56 times if she can help. Where I turn around to wash my hands, and I can see her creeping into my spot to start taking over helping.

I learned early on to keep her busy while I’m decorating cakes, since I want her to learn the process, but she just can’t get her fingers in the mix when it’s a paying customer.  So I would often give her a little bit of fondant when she was younger, and some cookie cutters and a rolling pin. As she got older, I would still give her some fondant, but it evolved into some food coloring and a paintbrush.

chalkboard fondant cookies christmas

Last week, I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for some Christmas inspiration for my giant chalkboard. As I was looking at some of the designs, it hit me that I could recreate these on a cookie using the same technique I taught my daughter!


Baked Sugar Cookies

Wilton black fondant

Circle cutter (use a drinking glass if you don’t have one)

White Wilton food coloring gel

Small amount of vodka or vanilla extract


Cornstarch (optional)



Roll your black fondant out until it’s about 1/4″ thick. If it’s sticking, sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch on your cutting board and rolling pin. After it’s rolled out, use the circle cutter to cut a circle that will fit on top of your sugar cookie.  I just pressed the fondant on the cookie immediately and it stuck. If yours isn’t sticking, you can put the fondant on while the cookie is warm from the oven and it will melt into the cookie enough to adhere.

Optional step: I used a separate, soft paintbrush, and brushed a small amount of cornstarch on top of the fondant. Then I brushed it off completely, so that it left behind a chalky look like that of a real chalkboard.

In a very small container, mix a tiny amount of the white food coloring with a couple drops of vodka. Stir together with your paintbrush till it’s well mixed. Brush the excess off the paintbrush, and then begin painting your designs!  Let the paint dry before you stack them!

chalkboard christmas cookies wilton holidays fondant

chalkboard fondant wilton cookies holiday

An alternate method is to use white candy melts in place of the food coloring/vodka mix.

chalkboard fondant wilton christmas cookies

Just break one of the candy melts in half, and use it to write on your fondant.  The drawback to this, is you have to be a patient person!  You’ll need to let your fondant harden after you place it on the cookie before you’re able to “write” on it otherwise the candy melt will just tear the fondant and not show up very clearly. I let my cookie sit overnight and by the next morning, it was ready for me to write on it.  The “Joy” cookie is my example of one decorated with the candy melt method.

These would also look gorgeous decorated with your guests’ names and used as place cards on your holiday table! Or place them in cellophane bags and give as favors at the end of your party!

Some of my favorite memories growing up, were watching my mom in the kitchen and being able to help with the Christmas cookie baking process! Let your kids get involved and give them their own cookie canvas to paint!

chalkboard sugar cookies fondant wilton christmas
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  1. This is an awesome idea! Your cookies turned out so cute!

  2. These are so adorable! My kids would love this!

  3. Wow, they looks so cool. I am curious as to why you add the vodka, does white food colouring on it’s own not show up without it?

    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much for the comment! The white food coloring will show up on its own but will take a long time to dry and remain pretty sticky. Alcohol evaporates much faster, so if you mix a little of it in with your food coloring, your “painting” will dry very quickly!

      If you don’t want to buy a large bottle of vodka just for this purpose, most liquor stores have the small airplane-size bottles you can purchase. You can also find an extract (i.e. almond or vanilla) that has a high alcohol content. That will work as well, but vodka really has the fastest drying time.

      Good luck!

  4. I never would have thought to make “chalkboard” cookies! Very cute!

  5. These are SO cool and such a fun idea!

  6. I have never seen anything like these cookies! These are sure to be a winner this holiday season! Absolutely adorable! <3

  7. So amazing, I am in love with your cookies. I have black fondant ready to try this asap. Thanks!

  8. These cookies turned out so cute! What a great idea since chalkboards are so trending right now.

  9. These are so cool! Perfect for a teacher’s gift too!

  10. What a clever idea. The cookies look amazing.

  11. Hi! These cookies look amazing! I am going to make them for Thanksgiving. I was just wondering how long I can make them in advanced and how long they last. Thanks!

    • So sorry I’m just seeing your comment now, Kelly!! They are regular sugar cookies, so would start getting stale and crumbly after 3 days or so. If you keep them in a sealed container with a slice of bread for moisture, they can last a little longer! I hope they turned out for you!!


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