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Guest Post: Cupcake Love

Yelena from Mommy Gratitude shares one of my favorite 
things… cupcakes!!  I’m always excited to see somebody   
who gets just as excited about them as I do!

Take it away, Yelena:

Here’s a little unknown fact about me. Well you may know this about me if we’re friends. 

If we’re not friends, this will make you want to be my friend.
I love cupcakes! 
I type silly <3 hearts about cupcakes. 
They are my happy thing. 
Cupcakes make me excited, they make me feel creative, they make me feel adventurous. 
 Whenever I see one they always make me smile. When I’m grumpy or feeling anxious they remind me to have fun. Cupcakes even make me laugh.
Like these from Cupcakes Occasions UK.
or these from our very own Natalie over at A Turtles Life for Me
Cupcakes spark my creative energy. 
So I MAKE cupcakes. I’m a chef. We can do stuff like that.
Just after my second daughter Amaya was born, I decide to bake up some cupcakes. I thought, this would be a great business. And it was.

 Up until I found out I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Alivia.
Pregnancies can be tough. Especially when you have two other children to care for.
Baking cupcakes lost its luster.

I was tired all the time, and stressed whenever I had a cupcake order or an event to bake for.

I wasn’t in love with cupcakes anymore.
So I let it go.
I told all my cupcake fans, “I’m done.”

Well a funny thing happened when I gave it up.
 I felt relief. I felt gratitude.
I was sad YES! But I had a clarity. My cupcake business wasn’t a failure. Everyone gave me such outstanding, really positive, a little adoring, feedback about my cupcakes.

So I couldn’t stay sad, I was a success.
 As a baker and as a wife and a mother. I was just putting my family first.

I now had time to focus on the “new bun in the oven.”
Just look how she cooked up. There’s a lot of time and attention there.

When I look back at my experience baking and selling cupcakes I feel really grateful.
I was given a glimpse of what my life could be like sometime in the future. I was given a preview of good things to come. And ya know what! We should all be able to say, I have this great opportunity waiting for me when I’m ready. That’s FAITH. And faith is gratitude.
To find faith practice gratitude.

We all have regrets.
Maybe you should rethink a regret.
Regrets are negative emotions. Regrets kill faith.

What if your regret is a preview of something better to come?
What if regrets are what keep you from moving forward in your life?
Tell me, is there something you regret?

Please leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your regrets. Sounds funny right.
But, maybe you can cultivate some gratitude from a regret.

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